Even though the school year seems to have just started, the High School homecoming season is already in full swing. One Port Barre student is going viral for his HOCO proposal that had bystanders thinking he was going to jail.

Louisiana Home Coming Proposal
Facebook Via Robin Cormier

Port Barre Student's Home Coming Proposal Goes Viral

Junior Port Barre Red Devils running back Logan Valin recently pulled out all the stops with his homecoming proposal to his girlfriend, Varsity Port Barre cheerleader Aynsli Guilbeau.

Logan not only almost gave Aynsli a heart attack, but also confused and worried students who witnessed the HOCO proposal...and it was great.

Every school year we hear about and see videos of viral homecoming proposals from around the country, but usually don't see anyone hauled off by the police.

However, this is exactly what happened to Logan as set his HOCO plan in motion.

We're trying to avoid using the word epic because it's such an overused word but, epic is precisely the descriptive term that deserves to be used in this case.

Port Barre HOCO proposal
By Permission/Facebook Via Robin Cormier

The video begins with Logan being led away from school by an Opelousas police officer as students try to figure out exactly what's going on.

Followed by a handful of friends who seem to know what's about to happen, cries of "You got the wrong guy" can be heard from the students.

Clearly not resisting, Logan compliantly walks toward the police cruiser as he's being led by the officer.

Quickly, a traveling crowd forms and follows Logan as he remains in "custody".

Arriving at the Opelousas police cruiser, the officer opens the door to the back seat, guides Logan in, shuts the door, and begins to drive away with the "suspect".

Logan Valin Port Barre HOCO
Facebook Via Robin Cormier

As the cruiser begins to drive away, suddenly it stops.

Logan then gets out of the cruiser, magically with a bouquet of flowers in hand along with a poster board.

That's when the crowd goes bananas.

Best HOCO Proposals
Facebook Via Robin Cormier
Facebook Via Robin Cormier
Facebook Via Robin Cormier

Obviously, Aynsli accepted his tremendously fun and creative homecoming proposal.

From all of us here, thanks for the smiles Logan and Aynsli. We hope homecoming is more incredible than you can even imagine.

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