Louisiana has had a love affair with food ever since food was invented. No, we can't take credit for coming up with the idea that we should nourish our bodies but we will take full responsibility for making that food better. That's why towns like Lafayette, New Orleans, and a few other communities in the state have earned quite a reputation for their culinary virtuosity. That means we "cook pretty good". 

Micheile dot Com via Unsplash.com
Micheile dot Com via Unsplash.com

One of the rising stars over the past thirty or forty years in Louisiana's food scene has been the influx of the "drive-thru". It makes getting a meal fast and convenient and you can get your food without ever leaving your car. For a lot of people that means a meal behind the wheel, which we don't recommend, or at least the stealing of other people's french fries until we get to our final destination.

There are 76.2 Fast Food Restaurants for Every 100,000 People in Louisiana

That means there are an awful lot of Louisiana people pulling and driving "thru" for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner each day. And when you think about it, could there be a worse combination than what folds into the line at the drive-thru?

We have hungry people, notorious for having bad attitudes, driving a car, which is another catalyst for stress, dealing with sometimes subpar audio systems, that's why you can't hear, trying to order food. Did I just sum up nearly every bad drive-thru experience you've ever had?

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What Makes For A Bad Experience at a Louisiana Drive-Thru?

From our "Only in Louisiana" files we could suggest "they get your daiquiri order wrong" but wrong orders, alcoholic or food-based are never fun. Sometimes the line at the drive-thru takes forever and it's not the fault of the restaurant or the workers. And, probably the worst experiences at the drive-thru come through our own inconsistencies as human beings, yes, we are flawed and yes, we can be very rude while waiting on our orders.

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