We've talked about strange Louisiana laws before, but here are a few we haven't heard of yet. It's hard to believe these actually exist.

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Strange Louisiana Laws

Throughout time, some really odd laws get put on the books in just about every city around the country.

However, Louisiana presents its own unique set of circumstances resulting in some seriously strange laws.

Keep in mind that there's a reason why these laws exist. At some point, authorities had to have legal recourse to help keep some of these bizarre acts at a minimum.

For instance, there's a Louisiana law still on the books forbidding snakes at Mardi Gras parades.

Yeah, bringing a pet snake to a place with thousands of people, most of them drinking, just doesn't sound like the best idea.

Clearly, at some point, so many people were bringing snakes to Mardi Gras parades that a law needed to be passed to stop it from happening.

Townsquare Media Boise
Townsquare Media Boise


You might have heard about that one, but did you know apparently it's illegal to gargle in public in Louisiana?

If you were to call the police to report someone for doing it, I'm not sure they would actually show up...and who could blame them?

Strange Louisiana laws like one and many more can be found over at morrisbart.com, but let's take a look at some of the weirder ones you probably haven't heard of.

It's Illegal In Louisiana For Mourners To Eat More Than Three Sandwiches At A Wake

Going to a funeral? First of all, sorry for your loss, but please know in advance that if you eat more than three sandwiches at the wake, an already tough situation could get a lot tougher for you.

William Thomas Gains/Getty Images
William Thomas Gains/Getty Images

You Need A Special License To Wear A Goatee In Louisiana

At least at some point in Louisiana history, you needed to have a special license to sport a goatee in public. Not sure where you would need to apply for such a license, but yeah...that was a thing.

Television Reporters May Not Throw Doubloons, Trinkets, Or Other Items To The Crowd During A Parade

Um...well OK. Makes you wonder what in the world happened for there to be a need for this Louisiana law. We asked Rob Perillo but he's not talking...

Twitter via @konnorrk
Twitter via @konnorrk

It's Illegal To Practice Voodoo Inside Of City Limits

Let's be clear...it's not illegal to practice voodoo, just make sure you don't do it within city limits, and you're good to go.

In Abbeville, It’s Illegal To Roller Skate On The Sidewalk

Certainly, this law isn't still enforced, but maybe you shouldn't test it.

In Rayne, Trick-Or-Treating Is Prohibited If You’re 14 Or Older

Dang, Rayne is serving up some harshbrows for Halloween.

Cowbells Are Illegal In Carencro

Looks like you can't have more cowbells, at least in Carencro.

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It's Illegal To Be An Alcoholic In Sulphur

Alcoholism is obviously not a good thing, but illegal?

In Louisiana, according to morrisbart.com "snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked."

Can't really argue with that one...

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