A pretty gnarly tornado touched down in the Destin, Florida area this morning (June 19) and there have been several videos and photos posted on social media that show it in action.

From most accounts, it appears the tornado formed in the Sandestin area, which is on the east side of Destin. Others posted videos from the Santa Rosa Beach area (also to the east of Destin.)

There is no official word yet from local authorities regarding property damage or injuries suffered by anyone. We'll pray that regarding the latter, everyone is okay.

The threat of more severe weather is still in effect for that area.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch for a portion of Alabama and several counties in northwest Florida until 9:00 pm tonight.

Hopefully, everyone on vacation in the Florida panhandle hunkers down and stays safe today.

We'll update this story should new information becomes available and it is warranted.

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