UL Student @yourgirlblaise tweeted out a high school dance picture of her mother and a young, then unknown fella named Tim McGraw, and the story about the picture is great!

Tim McGraw
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Tim McGraw High School Dance Picture

Born on May 1, 1967, in Delhi, Louisiana, McGraw is one of the best-selling music artists with over 80 million records sold worldwide.

He grew up with a wide range of musical influences and began playing music and performing in bands during his teenage years.

Tim's mother supported his interest in music, although they lived a relatively modest life.

His music career began in earnest with his self-titled debut album in 1993, which didn't garner much attention.

However, his subsequent albums, such as "Not a Moment Too Soon" and "Everywhere", catapulted McGraw to stardom. These albums produced several number-one hits on the country music charts.

2019 CMA Music Festival - Day 3
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While still in high school, although Tim McGraw was beginning to gig around the north Louisiana area, he also still did the normal things other teenagers do, like going to school dances.

That leads us to this photo and the story behind it.

As you'll see in the tweet below, her mom and Tim McGraw went to this dance in North Louisiana, but apparently, the two did not hit it off.


It seems the feeling was mutual because she also tweeted out that Tim was asked in a TV interview once what his worst date was, and you guessed it...it was this night.

Not sure why the two didn't have a good time, but we sure are glad @yourgirlblaise tweeted this pic and hilarious story.

So, how did she ditch ole Tim? She told him she was going to the bathroom and then snuck off with her friends!

Just think, if the two had hit it off, Country Music history might have been changed forever...

Thank you to @yourgirlblaise and her mom for giving us permission to use the picture. Below is a less blurry version.

By Permission https://twitter.com/yourgirlblaise
By Permission https://twitter.com/yourgirlblaise

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