In Carencro, Louisiana, a young kindergartener has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions, earning the title of the internet's 'fastest kid alive.' This 5-year-old sensation, Xavier, turned a simple school bus safety rule into an exciting challenge, touching hearts far beyond his small town.

The story begins with Xavier's daily routine after school. As part of a safety measure, his bus driver, Chad Desormeaux, must wait until Xavier safely reaches his home before departing. One day, inspired by his own declaration of being the 'fastest kid alive', Xavier sprinted home, cheered on by his classmates and the watchful eyes of Desormeaux. This delightful moment, where classmates chanted "Go Xavier," became a regular occurrence, turning Xavier's sprint into a joyful spectacle.

I met Desormeaux at a Carencro Baseball fundraiser over the weekend, where he showed me the attention (and the millions of views) Xavier racked up on social media.

Recognizing the magic of these moments, Desormeaux, who also recently joined the school board, tells me he captured one of Xavier's runs on video and shared it on TikTok. The video, showcasing Xavier's sprint with his classmates' cheers in the background, quickly went viral, amassing nearly 6 million views. Desormeaux, now more than just a bus driver to Xavier, shared that this game not only got the kids on the bus hype, but put the community spirit of Carencro and South Louisiana on the map for the world to see.

The video's popularity also brought unexpected blessings to Xavier and his family. Xavier's mother, Tiffany Saine, expressed her gratitude and excitement over the attention her son received. She recalled Xavier's long-standing love for running, which started in their family driveway and was often accompanied by his enthusiasm for racing and video games.

The story took an even more heartwarming turn when Star Athletics, co-owned by Olympic Medalist Dennis Mitchell and his wife, coach Damu Cherry-Mitchell, invited Xavier for an unforgettable trip to Disney World. Accompanied by Desormeaux, Xavier experienced his first flight, a visit to Disney World, and the chance to meet notable athletes like Sha'Carri Richardson. The joy continued as Xavier, recognized by fans, posed for photos, highlighting the positive impact of his infectious energy and spirit.

Desormeaux tells me that he sees Xavier's potential extending far beyond his current acclaim. He envisions a bright future for the young boy, suggesting that Xavier's speed and determination might someday lead him to even greater heights, perhaps even to the White House.

This young boy from Carencro, Louisiana, has not only earned the title of the 'fastest kid alive' but has also represented Carencro and all of Acadiana on an even larger platform by being featured in USA Today.

Be sure to tell Xavier if you see him around town (if you can catch him) and check out his full feature here.

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