The debate over whether or not abortion should be legal or illegal in the state of Louisiana has gone on for decades. Now that the bill has been overturned and abortion is "mostly illegal" in the state of Louisiana there have been an increase in conversations about how to protect women from unwanted pregnancies.

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One of the major concerns is that if a woman is sexually assaulted or raped and becomes pregnant she would be forced to have the child . Rep Delisha Boyd (D-New Orleans) has proposed a bill that could offer a solution to this concern.

HB166 proposes the idea that all registered sex offenders in the state of Louisiana should be required to have a mandatory vasectomy. We were not able to confirm what the severity of the sex crime would need to be to warrant a mandatory vasectomy.

What it boils down to is that we are unprotected as women in the state of Louisiana, Women are an endangered species in Louisiana. We’ve been told about our health care. We can’t get equal pay for women. We need a device in place to have some sort of protection.

KLFY reported that Boyd is bringing this bill forward due to the strict abortions laws that do not make exceptions for incest or rape in the state of Louisiana.

If we don’t allow women to have some form of recourse, then offenders have to fear something for committing rapes, molestation and incest. You want, in this state, for a nine or ten-year-old child who is just getting her cycle and could possibly be raped or molested, usually by someone they know, to have to carry the pregnancy to term. It is horrifying, in my personal opinion

In addition to this bill she is also bringing back the bill that proposed exceptions for rape and incest.

What are your thoughts on HB166?

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