This was pretty cool.

Former New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees was part of the Purdue coaching staff on Monday as Purdue took on LSU in the Citrus Bowl.

Brees, who also played for Purdue back in the day, said during a press conference that he loves LSU and that he was cheering for them, but not on Monday.

Well, none of that really mattered because LSU destroyed Purdue 63-7 in the bowl game.

After the game, while teams were shaking the hands of their opponents, several LSU players asked Brees for his autograph and you can see him signing their jerseys and gloves below.

We often forget that those playing college football are still kids/young men, and they too grew up admiring many who have come before them.

I think it was very classy of Bress to honor their request as I am certain that he has had an impact on their decision to pursue a football career.

Here's a special moment from Orlando.

While we're speaking of autographs, Brees' kids found their favorite LSU players too on this day and got their autographs while wearing the colors of their dad's opponent.

This was really cool to see as well.


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