Down here in Louisiana, we love to get our drink on but I think we can all agree this is taking it a little too far even for us. Allegedly, a third-grade teacher in Oklahoma was arrested after attending the first day of school drunk. Her blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit.

The City of Perkins released a statement saying that 53-year-old Kimberly Coates was approached by the school resource officer Shane Dean and the school's Superintendent Doug Ogle on August 17th around 3:20 p.m. who were under the suspicion that she was intoxicated at work.

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Scott Rodgerson Via Unsplash
Scott Rodgerson Via Unsplash

Yesterday around 3 p.m., Superintendent Doug Ogle was made aware of a possible situation involving a staff member. The district immediately contacted the Perkins Police Department, whose officers are overseeing the investigation. The school district is conducting an internal investigation and cooperating with law enforcement

This statement was released by Perkins-Tyron Public School District after 53-year-old Kimberly Coates was arrested. They went on to say that their top priority is to provide a safe learning space for all of its students but were not able to share any more details at this time.

The 3rd grade teacher is captured on police body cam footage explaining "that she had taken medicine for anxiety the night before" however, she was unable to provide them with the name of the medication she said she took.

Following this conversation Kimberly Coats agreed to take a breath test which would determine if her blood alcohol content was at a higher level than legally allowed on a school campus. Her results showed that her blood alcohol concentration was three times the legal limit in Oklahoma. The teacher's blood alcohol concentration was .24 and the legal limit is .08 in Oklahoma.

Officials found a cup of red liquid in her classroom and told them it was her "juice".

Want to try again? That there is wine

She later admitted to drinking half a box of wine until the early hours of the morning and drank on the way to school that morning.


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