In Louisiana, around 42% of households own at least one gun. At this rate we are the 13th highest in the country for gun ownership. This new rule being introduced by the Biden administration is certainly going to effect gun sales here in Louisiana and nationwide.

Federal law requires background checks for anyone purchasing a firearm at a licensed gun dealer.  However, "only 40% of guns sold in the US are sold through a federally licensed dealer." So that means the over half of the firearms being purchased are happening at gun shows, private gun sales, or online where no background checks are currently required.

Does Louisiana Have Universal Background Check Laws?

There are 17 states that require background checks before the purchase of any firearm. However, Louisiana does not. That could change with the introduction of a new rule the Biden administration recently finalized.

The New Rule

The new rule would require that thousands of gun sellers who are currently not required to run background checks prior to the sale of a firearm would be required to do so. This rule would target any sales happening outside of a regulated gun shop like gun shows, and online.

30% of firearms involved in criminal activities are purchased at gun shows or where background checks are not enforced. The hope is that with more sellers being required to run background checks on their customers less firearms would fall in the hands of the wrong people. At the very least, it will make it more difficult for them to have access.

However, Mark Oliva with the National Shooting is not on board with this new rule and thinks "the rule change goes after individuals and invades personal privacy".

How do you feel about the rule change?

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