Need some inspiration today? Watch this.

Northwestern State Basketball Coach Corey Gipson recently told the story about one of his players, Hansel Emmanuel, and now many say that this young man is an inspiration.

Emmanuel has one arm, but still loves basketball and he is very good at it. So much so that he plays college basketball for the Northwestern State Demons.

Coach Gipson says here that he has players do "fingertip push-ups" when they mess up at practice, and when Emmanuel arrived he never took into consideration that this young man with one arm couldn't do the push-ups.

One day while at practice he instructed the team to get down and do five push-ups, like the rest of the team, Emmanuel dropped to the floor.

It was then that Coach Gipson realized he failed to take this young man's condition into consideration.

Coach says he quickly decided to have the team run rather than do push-ups, but Hansel quickly shot down the idea. He wanted to do the push-ups.

While the team started to perform the exercise, Hansell struggled to lift himself from the ground and that is when a teammate came over to assist him.

While struggling to do the push-ups, Hansel was able to finally get up and insisted that he continue until he completed the task issued by his coach.

This story is such an inspiration and it says so much about this young man.

I think you'll enjoy this story as Coach Gipson describes the moment Hansel Emmaunel defied his limitations.


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