Some weren't happy about this.

This past weekend the Abbeville Police Department announced a city-wide curfew for Saturday night and some in the city were not happy about it.

The curfew reportedly was put into place after several shootings were reported in Abbeville Friday night.

Chief Mike Hardy said that the reason a curfew was issued in the city was for the safety of the citizens.

If you're wondering, the curfew was put into place Saturday night (Feb. 25) from 10 pm to 6 am Sunday (Feb 26).

KLFY TV reports that four people were shot Friday night at ZaZa’s Houka Lounge, and when police arrived it was pandemonium in the streets.


Many on social media questioned why the entire city of Abbeville would go under a curfew after such violence.

Several felt like their rights were being violated by the curfew and some didn't understand why the entire city would have to go under this "lockdown".

Police are continuing the investigation into the shooting Friday night and they are asking anyone with information to contact their office.


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