This is one of those situations that makes you shake your head and question humanity.

It's one thing to hear about adults stealing from businesses out of desperation but stealing from children? Even if you are in a desperate situation it seems like there has to be a better option than involving a group of minors in your crime. Not to mention how startling it must have been for the young girls just innocently trying to sell cookies.

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A Group of Girl Scouts Were Robbed

WAFB reported that a man robbed a group of Texas Girl Scouts who were selling cookies outside a Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas. He didn't manage to get his hands on any thin mints thankfully but their entire days earnings were stolen.

The shocking incident was captured on a surveillance video so hopefully justice can be served for the young Girl Scouts.

The unsuspecting Girl Scouts were conducting their cookie sales outside the front entrance of Walmart when the suspect struck. In the footage, a man is seen casually strolling past their table before swiftly grabbing the bag containing the day's earnings. Without hesitation, he dashes away from the scene, leaving the young entrepreneurs stunned and shaken.

Police Need Your Help Identifying The Suspect

At this time, police are actively searching for the suspect. They urge anyone with information about the incident or the individual involved to come forward and assist in the investigation. Detectives can be reached at 817-392-4837.

The incident has left both the Girl Scouts and their families deeply disturbed. Selling cookies is a time-honored tradition for the organization, providing valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and teamwork for the young participants. The theft of their hard-earned earnings is saddening to say the least.

In the meantime, the Texas Girl Scouts are determined to carry on with their cookie sales and uphold the values of integrity and perseverance instilled by their organization.

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