Louisiana has two Trader Joe's locations, one in Baton Rouge, and another in Metairie off of Veterans. The state of Texas puts Louisiana to shame with 20 stores total. The  recall issued by the FDA will effect these stores along with 16 other states.

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What Trader Joe's Product is Being Recalled?


A recall of specific production lots of Trader Joe's Nuts – 50% Less Sodium Roasted & Salted Whole Cashews was issued due to a potential health risk. The recall spans across 16 states, including Louisiana and Texas, and is prompted by the potential contamination with Salmonella, a bacterium known to cause severe infections.

The affected product, bearing the SKU Number – 37884, includes cashews from Lot Numbers:

  • T12139
  • T12140
  • T12141
  • T12142.

These lots were distributed to Trader Joe's locations in:


AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, LA, NM, NV, OK, OR, TN, TX, UT, and WA.

Consumers are advised to check for the country of origin, India or Vietnam, as well as the "Lot No:" printed on the back panel of the plastic pouches.

The Dangers of Salmonella

According to the FDA, Salmonella infections can pose significant health risks, particularly to vulnerable populations such as young children, the elderly, and individuals with weakened immune systems. Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning commonly include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

In rare cases, the bacterium can lead to more severe complications such as arterial infections, endocarditis, and arthritis.

Let Trader Joe's Know You Want One in Lafayette

Fortunately, no illnesses associated with the consumption of the affected product have been reported at this time. However, consumers are strongly advised not to consume any products covered by this recall. Those who have purchased the recalled product are urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

For further inquiries or assistance, consumers can reach out to Wenders LLC via email at foodsafety@wendersllc.com.

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