For decades, Hollywood has found a second home in the heart of Louisiana and for good reason.

Not only does it offer unique landscapes and a rich history the generous tax incentives don't hurt either.

As one of the fastest-growing production hubs in the United States, Louisiana continues to lure filmmakers with its diverse locations, from historical plantations to mysterious bayous and swamps.

New Orleans, in particular, has emerged as a favorite among filmmakers. Its unique blend of culture, architecture, and atmosphere has provided the setting for countless iconic films.

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The climate in Louisiana also plays a crucial role in attracting filmmakers. With its generally favorable weather conditions, filmmakers can count on ample shooting days throughout the year, as long as a major hurricane or tropical storm doesn't make an appearance.

Over the years, Louisiana has served as the backdrop for an impressive number of films, with more than 2,500 productions having been shot here. Not to mention the local talent we have from actors, to musicians, to out very own indie film makers.

Here are some well known Hollywood films that were were surprised to learn were filmed right here in the boot.

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