CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (KPEL News) - When it comes to the most dangerous cities in America, there is a ton of data out there that always gets analyzed. Fairly often, we get a new look at what cities are considered the most dangerous and which places to avoid.

It may surprise you to find out, however, that two of the most dangerous cities in the country are located in Texas - and one of them is in the Top 10.

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People are concerned about safety in their cities because they want to feel secure and protected in their daily lives. Safety encompasses various aspects, including personal safety from crime and violence, as well as safety on the streets and in public spaces.

Crime rates, incidents of violence, and the presence of dangerous activities or individuals can all contribute to feelings of insecurity and fear among residents.

Additionally, concerns about traffic accidents, pedestrian safety, and infrastructure hazards may also be factors in people's safety concerns. Feeling safe in their cities allows people to enjoy their surroundings, go about their daily activities, and engage in community life without constant worry or anxiety. It fosters a sense of well-being and trust in the local authorities and institutions responsible for maintaining public safety.

Addressing safety concerns is crucial for creating livable, vibrant, and resilient cities where residents can thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

What Texas Cities Are Dangerous?

According to US News & World ReportCorpus Christi is the No. 7 most dangerous city in the country. Houston comes in at No. 16.

What makes Corpus Christi dangerous? According to the news outlet, the violent crime rate is 734.3 per 100,000 people, which is way higher than the national average. It also sees a property crime rate of 2916.3 per 100,000 people.

It ranks fairly low in terms of Quality of Life, scoring 5.9 out of 10. That measure includes crime, education, well-being, commuter index, quality/availability of healthcare, air quality, and FEMA's National Risk Index.

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Houston, meanwhile, scores 5.0 on quality of life, with a violent crime rate that is slightly lower than Corpus Christi (625.4 per 100,000 people), and a slightly higher property crime rate (2585.5 per 100,000 people).

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities

The full Top 10 list, which you can see below, has some surprises - including two Tennessee cities.

1. Memphis, Tennessee
2. Albuquerque, New Mexico
3. Anchorage, Alaska
4. Bakersfield, California
5. Little Rock, Arkansas
6. Chattanooga, Tennessee
7. Corpus Christi, Texas
8. Tulsa, Oklahoma
9. Columbia, South Carolina
10. Kalamazoo, Michigan

But, while you may be worried about which Texas cities are the worst, there is good news if you're moving: There are some great school districts for your kids if you're looking to move somewhere in the state.

You can see the best districts below.

Highest-Ranked School Districts In Texas

These are the highest-ranked Texas school districts according to With over 1,000 districts to consider, the main factors of this list comprise of average SAT/ACT scores, reading and math proficiencies, graduation rate and overall Niche score.

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