Baton Rouge, LA (KPEL News) - The Louisiana Treasury has announced that more than 80,000 people are due money they aren't aware of. The money is unclaimed property that may be lost or forgotten from bank accounts, stocks, bonds, securities, insurance proceeds, and more.

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People may not realize the money is available because they moved, changed banks and direct deposits didn't go through, or for any number of other reasons. Businesses may not be aware of changes, so they can't notify owners or return the property. When that happens, the money goes to the Louisiana Treasury's Unclaimed Property Program until the rightful owner is found and the money is returned. Business are required by law to report the unclaimed property.

State Treasurer John Schroder emphasizes the significance of this initiative:

We are committed to reuniting residents with their rightful assets. The publication of these names is a crucial step in the process, and we encourage everyone to take a moment to check for their name in their local newspaper.

You can find out if you have money waiting for you in one of two ways:

The names of property owners will be published in the Legal Notices section of newspapers in every parish in the state Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (10/3-6) to make it easier for residents to find out if the Treasury has any money for them.

You can also check online through the Unclaimed Property portal. The process is quick and easy. Go to the site and enter your name. Entering your city and zip code cuts processing time, but make sure to check in cities in Louisiana where you may have lived previously.

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