LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - One of the fastest-growing rest stop chains may actually be considering a south Louisiana location after all, a new report says.

The report, which comes from KADN News 15 in Lafayette, says that "sources" have told them Buc-ee's is "seriously considering" a location in the heart of Acadiana, just off I-10 on Louisiana Avenue.

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"Sources tell News 15 Buc-ees is eying land on Louisiana Avenue off I-10 for a possible convenience store," KADN reported on Monday evening. "There are other spots in Lafayette Parish also being looked at, but it appears this is the preferred choice."

Sources who spoke to KPEL News further confirmed that two locations are being considered by the company. One is apparently in Lafayette Parish. The other is just east of that location -  St. Martin Parish.

Buc-ee's in Louisiana

It wouldn't be the beloved Texas chain's first location in the Bayou State. Another location, which is currently underway in north Louisiana, is expected to open in the Ruston area sometime in 2025, though a lot of the permitting and paperwork still stands between now and then.

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There are also a handful of locations close to Louisiana's border - Baytown, Texas which is the closest location of the travel center to Louisiana, and Harrison County, Mississippi, which has a store opening later this year.

According to our previous reporting, it's estimated that the roads around the Ruston location will "come with a bill of $25 million dollars."

A portion of those funds are being paid through the city of Ruston’s Tax Incremental District funds. Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker had previously stated that he believes a new Buc-ee's will bring some 15,000 cars onto the property daily.

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That's a lot of traffic for the region and can bring in a lot of revenue. According to the website, "When a community leader sees a Buc-ee’s, they may see revenue, economic impact, and new jobs. In Texas alone, Buc-ee’s stores generated $641 million of economic impact, supported nearly 5,000 jobs, and generated $13.4 million in indirect sales tax."

What Makes Buc-ee's So Popular

People love Buc-ee's for various reasons, creating a unique and almost cult-like following. Firstly, Buc-ee's is renowned for its massive and clean restrooms, challenging the stereotype of typical gas station facilities. The cleanliness and spaciousness of these restrooms have become a hallmark and a pleasant surprise for travelers.

Secondly, Buc-ee's offers an extensive selection of snacks, candies, and local products, making it a one-stop shop for road trip essentials. The store's commitment to providing a wide array of high-quality, Texas-themed merchandise contributes to its popularity.

Additionally, Buc-ee's is known for its iconic beaver mascot and distinctive logo, creating a memorable brand image that resonates with customers. The friendly and efficient staff add to the positive experience, making customers feel welcome and appreciated.

Furthermore, Buc-ee's stores are often strategically located along major highways, making them convenient pit stops for travelers. The combination of cleanliness, diverse product offerings, unique branding, and strategic locations has turned Buc-ee's into more than just a convenience store—it's a destination in itself, fostering a sense of loyalty and admiration among its patrons.

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