BASTROP, Texas (KPEL News) - People on the Internet like to do things that draw attention to their social media. Many times, they like to do obnoxious things. Today, we're learning about one of those obnoxious things because it happened at one of the greatest things to ever come out of Texas.

That's right. Another content creator has attempted to violate Buc-ee's.

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Eric Decker, a popular YouTuber who goes by the name "Airrack" online, posted a clip on YouTube and TikTok of himself entering a Buc-ee's in Bastrop, Texas, with a white trash can decorated to look like a large Buc-ee's cup. The plan? Exploit the Buc-ee's refill rule (refill any size cup for $1.19).

When he entered, Decker confirmed with an employee by the door that refills of any size go for only $1.19. He then proceeds to the row of fountain drinks in the store, and tries to fill the trashcan with tea. He manages to catch some shots of really shocked customs, plus a clip of one asking if he can have a sip.

However, he was stopped by a Buc-ee's employee.

"I can't have y'all doing that here," the employee said to Decker, who half-heartedly tried to counter that he was just getting his refill and that the trashcan was really a cup.

He left the store and the camera cut to flashing police lights, though it's not fully clear if they were called on him.

Going Viral at Buc-ee's

Recently, another social media content creator went viral for bringing his "service duck" to Buc-ee's before being told he could not have the duck, Wrinkle, in the store.

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“She’s a service duck,” Justin Wood told an employee in response to being told he had to leave.

“Pets are not allowed in here," another employee told him.

“Okay, but she is a service animal,” Wood explained again. A third employee supported the other two, despite Wood saying he could provide three forms of identification.

“There’s no pets in here. Your animal, even if it’s considered a service animal, you have to be able to contain it, and it can fly out,” one of the employees said.

Various stunts like these have divided the Internet, though it seems a lot of folks understand that the videos are stunts meant to draw eyes to social media channels and that the stunt artists themselves are being a little too obnoxious, knowing full well they are breaking the rules.

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