Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - It's the most wonderful time of the year, until you realize you forgot something and the joy turns to sorrow. We asked Louisiana residents for Christmas reminders about what not to forget, likely because they've experienced what happens when they do.

You've got all the food, the snacks, the cocktails, and the appropriate Christmas attire. You've completed the shopping for all the names on your list. Now it's time to celebrate, right?

Forgetting one small detail can lead to tears and frustration, making the merry and bright dim significantly.

We've put together a list of suggested reminders that will hopefully prevent the smiles from turning into frowns.

11 Christmas Reminders to Keep the Grinch Away

You'll thank us for reminding you!

Gallery Credit: TRACY WIRTZ

Christmas Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs

Avoid giving dogs Christmas table scraps due to the potential toxicity of certain foods like onions and chocolate, the risk of pancreatitis from high-fat dishes, and the hazards of cooked bones splintering. Seasonings and new foods can cause digestive upset.

Gallery Credit: Canva