Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - The last time south Louisiana experienced a brutally cold Mardi Gras was 2021 when the temperature on Fat Tuesday didn't get much above the freezing mark.

But was it the coldest on record and will we be shaking in our beads in 2024?

Interestingly, Mardi Gras fell on February 16 in 2021. This year, we will celebrate on February 13. Three years ago, not only was it insanely cold, it was also icy, and we even got snow on Lundi Gras that stayed on the ground for a few hours.

Revelers had to bundle up to catch what float-riders were throwing in 2021, but that wasn't the coldest Mardi Gras south Louisiana has seen. As KLFY Meteorologist Trevor Sonnier discovered, we need to go back 125 years for that record.

Kudos to the Lagniappe Ladies for looking bright and shiny, despite the temps. They bring sunshine and smiles wherever and whenever they dance.

February in south Louisiana is typically chilly. Historically, daytime highs reach the mid-60s and nighttime lows get down to the mid-40s.

If uber-long-range forecasts are to be trusted (and that's a big IF!), Accuweather predicts that Mardi Gras 2024 will follow the pattern. Revelers may need a jacket, but you won't need to go Arctic-bundled to enjoy the festivities.

As Rob Perillo, Daniel Phillips, or any of the other wonderful meteorologists in Acadiana will tell you, winter weather is difficult to predict and the forecast is most reliable no more than 72 hours out.

All that said, Mardi Gras falls in mid-February and anything, weather-wise, can happen.

What we do know for certain is that there will be 100% chance of fun and flying beads.

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