The Lafayette Police Department confirmed they are on the scene in the 3600 block of Ambassador Caffery Parkway, where initial reports detail a fatal incident involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian.

Authorities arrived on the scene to discover the pedestrian had succumbed to injuries sustained in the collision, pronouncing the individual deceased on location. The Lafayette Police Department has launched a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading up to the tragic event, with traffic investigators looking into the events that led to the fatal pedestrian accident.

The section of Ambassador Caffery Parkway where the accident occurred, not far from the Acadiana Mall, has been temporarily closed to facilitate the ongoing investigation, with an expected disruption to normal traffic flow for at least two hours. Police are advising motorists to seek alternative routes to avoid delays and support the investigative process.

We will update this story as the Traffic Investigation Unit continues to gather evidence surrounding the cause of the accident.

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