With Margot Robbie's version of "Barbie" opening as one of the biggest movies of the summer, the popular Mattel doll is making a resurgence in pop culture.

Also growing in popularity recently are AI-generated media - some seriously accurate and some amazingly silly. The folks at MadhouseLabs.org decided to use the AI tool "Midjourney" to create a "Barbie Doll" from each individual state. The results are interesting, to say the least.

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If you see the doll alone, you might not get it. If you see the doll with the state's name, you can start to see what the AI was getting at.

So, we have to know: Can you guess with state these Barbie dolls represent?

Guess Which Southern State These Barbie Dolls Represent

We'll show you the Barbie doll, you see if you can figure out which south state it is meant to represent. Some of these are pretty tough!

So, how many did you correctly guess? We struggled with a lot of them when we first saw them, but maybe y'all had some better luck than we did. Tell us on social media which ones were your favorites!

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