Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Republican Jan Swift finished third in the October 14 election for Lafayette Mayor-President. Swift garnered 26% of the vote, while incumbent Josh Guillory and challenger Monique Blanco Boulet secured 40% and 34%, respectively.

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She told KADN News 15 she will not be endorsing either remaining candidate in the November 18th runoff.

Facebook via Jan Swift
Facebook via Jan Swift

In a letter emailed to people in her database, Swift expressed her gratitude to supporters and reiterated why she threw her hat into the race:

When I announced my candidacy for Lafayette Mayor-President on December 15, 2022, I did so with the conviction that Lafayette deserved a valid choice at the polls as we selected the next elected leader of our City and Parish.  I stood up to the established power, and I did so against the recommendations of so many who knew how hard the campaign would be. Yet, I saw the need for change and I believed that my career experiences, my knowledge and dedication to our community, and yes, my heart for public service, were just what was needed.

Andrew Capps with The Current wrote a comprehensive article analyzing available data from Saturday's election. According to numbers from each Lafayette Parish precinct, Blanco won in precincts inside Lafayette (37%), Josh Guillory led the pack outside the city (44%), while Jan Swift was supported by the majority of voters in the Saints Streets and Oaklawn areas.

Responding to a question of KADN News 15 about her endorsement, Swift told them:

I am not going to endorse anyone, my supporters and my voters are very educated. I really trust that they will investigate both candidates and they will vote for who they think will be the best candidate.

Just over 36% of Lafayette Parish voters cast their ballots in the October 14 election, and the question remains how many will turn out for the November 18 runoff. The answer will be the single largest factor in determining who the next Lafayette Mayor-President will be.

People who voted for Swift, obviously, felt she was the best candidate for the job. However, as the runoff looms, other questions may not be as easy to answer in advance of election day:

  1. How many of the votes were Swift were votes against the current administration and the way city/parish hall is being run?
  2. Can people who voted for Swift, a life-long Republican, vote for someone who more recently switched party affiliation?
  3. How many Swift supporters will actually cast ballots on November 18 now that their preferred candidate is out of the running?

We do know that one of the two candidates left in the race, Josh Guillory and Monique Blanco Boulet, will be the next Lafayette Mayor-President in 2024.

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