LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Mayor-President Josh Guillory's request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) has been denied by a Lafayette judge. However, a hearing for a permanent injunction has been scheduled for next week.

Guillory had filed a request for a TRO against one of his opponents, Monique Blanco Boulet, accusing her of "false and defamatory" campaign rhetoric by calling his administration "corrupt." The court filing submitted Tuesday pointed out that Guillory has not been found guilty of the crime of corruption and that "As such, it is presumed that Monique knew, or should have known, that her statement was false."

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According to KATC on Wednesday afternoon, court records indicate that the permanent injunction hearing will be held on October 4 at 9 a.m., days after early voting has begun for the election.

Guillory's other opponent, Jan Swift, was not mentioned in his Tuesday filing.

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Mayor-President Josh Guillory has filed for a temporary restraining order against one of his opponents, requesting she stop referring to him and his administration as "corrupt."

Monique Blanco-Boulet, who is running against the incumbent Guillory, has been "falsely accusing her political opponent, Mayor-President Joshua S. Guillory, of the crime of corruption in paid commercials, social media posts, ‘and other public statements," according to the filing.

In one of the referenced instances, Boulet accused the Guillory administration of "corruption, dishonesty, and using public office for personal gain."

In a statement to KATC, the Boulet campaign responded to the filing by accusing Guillory of "trying to silence others from talking about it."

Josh Guillory cannot defend his record of failure and corruption, so he is trying to silence others from talking about it. I will not back down from speaking the truth, standing up to this bully, and fighting to bring honesty and transparency to Lafayette Parish,” Blanco Boulet said in response to the merciless restraining order sought against her by scandal-ridden Guillory.

Guillory's filing claims the use of the term "corruption" is defamatory, and points to Louisiana election codes forbidding false and defamatory statements about a candidate.

The Louisiana Criminal Code defines corrupt influencing as “the giving or offering to give anything of apparent present or prospective value to, or the accepting or offering to accept anything of apparent present or prospective value by, any person. with the intention that the recipient shall corruptly influence the conduct of [any person who has been elected or appointedtopublic office] in relation to such person's position, employment or duty.”

It is absolutely false that Guillory has committed the crime of corruption.

Monique's false criminal accusation is defamatory per se. As such, it is presumed that Monique knew, or should have known, that her statement was false.

The filing is the latest drama in an increasingly toughening race. Guillory recently pushed back against a questionable poll reported by multiple media outlets showing him to be vulnerable in the October 14 contest.

Guillory is running for his second term as Mayor-President. Blanco Boulet is one of two Republican challengers, with the other being Jan Swift. Guillory's filing, however, also points out that Blanco Boulet changed her voter registration from Democrat to Republican prior to announcing her run.

She is the daughter of former Democratic governor Kathleen Blanco, and previously stated on a local podcast that she believes it is impossible to win a race in Lafayette as a Democrat.

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