LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The 2023 campaign season in Lafayette appears to be officially underway with an attack ad against the sitting Mayor-President.

Monique Blanco Boulet, daughter of the late former governor Kathleen Blanco, announced her candidacy for Mayor-President back in February. Earlier this week, she released her first ad of the campaign season, which hits the incumbent, Josh Guillory, over all the negative headlines his administration has drawn over the last four years.

"It seems like every other week, there's another one," the ad opens. "Another headline that embarrasses us." While this is being said, images of various headlines from local outlets are displayed.

In past comments, the Guillory administration has dismissed those headlines as distractions, accusing journalists with agendas and bloggers of exaggerating the stories "for clicks." Most recently, members of the Guillory administration spoke with KPEL News and addressed several of the concerns in recent headlines regarding audit findings.

Boulet is running as a Republican, challenging incumbent Republican Josh Guillory and another Republican challenger, Jan Swift.

When she announced her bid for Mayor-President, Boulet said Lafayette is "at an important crossroads."

"It's time for honest, effective leadership," she said in the announcement. "Our families deserve better, and they will receive better. It is time for a change."

Despite running as a Republican, Guillory received the official endorsement of the Lafayette Republican Parish Executive Committee.

Guillory is also pushing his record of projects that have been undertaken and completed, particularly when it comes to roads and other infrastructure in the parish. His administration touts transparency when it comes to these projects, despite headlines contesting otherwise.

The election for Mayor-President will be held in October, with a potential runoff held in November.

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