Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Lafayette, Louisiana, has watched the changing television broadcast landscape change over the last year, and the faces we see with it. One reporter and UL grad who began as a photographer and then transitioned to a field reporter has traded in his microphone for a submarine.

Familiar faces have switched to competitors (KADN), others have left the business (KATC), and more news opportunities are airing at another station (KLFY). Some have decided to pursue outside opportunities that will broaden their horizons and make them more valuable in the workplace in general.

Such is the case with Tre' Francis (Tre' Amarian). Tre' began at KLFY behind a camera. His desire to tell the stories in front of the camera led him to KATC. He left that position and began looking to take the next best step in his life.

Tre' grew up in Carencro. He graduated from Lafayette High School and went on to get his Bachelor's Degree at UL Lafayette in Journalism/Mass Communications and Political Science.

His next step in life would be as a member of the United States military, a decision he announced to his Facebook family and followers a few days before leaving for boot camp.

He initially wanted to join the United States Air Force but, a week before he signed on the dotted line, he discovered that the U.S. Navy offered jobs that better fit his qualifications and skill set.

He left Lafayette and Acadiana where he grew up, bound for basic training in Great Lakes, Illinois, on November 14.

And what a journey it's been for Tre'! He described it as "not a walk in the park."

The week he arrived, he got strep throat which pushed him back to the first day of training and had him assigned to a different group than he originally started with.

And the hits just kept on coming.

At the end of the week with his new division, he was placed on hold because of an abnormality on his EKG. He was taken out of training for a week and a half and, yes, had to start back at the beginning. Again.

Boot camp normally lasts about 10 weeks, but Tre' said that turned into 13. Trey told me:

It was mentally taxing, but I thank God for pushing me through it.

There's no doubt that Tre' will make a fine sailor. As a matter of fact, he is excited about how he will be serving the United States Navy: Working IT on a submarine!

We will definitely watched Tre' closely as he has been very open about his journey and request for prayers. You've got 'em, Tre'!

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