Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Nearly 3,000 homes are on the market in the greater Lafayette area. Wherever you want to live in south Louisiana's Cajun Country, there's a house waiting for you. Home buyers typically start with a list of their "wants:" number of bedrooms and baths, general area or parish, and price. Getting into a home that's too expensive for your pocket book is a recipe for disaster.

But it's okay to dream, right?

I searched for the most expensive homes in each parish and put a list together. I weeded out properties that are specifically camps or that were clearly meant as investment properties. The Louisiana homes you'll see are single family, although a couple of them have guest houses. You'll understand why when you see the prices.

For those of you who, like me, wonder how in the world someone affords these homes, we may need to keep wondering. With current mortgage rates, a $2 million dollar home would put mortgage payments at about $12,000 per month. That's after the 20% down payment. I'm definitely in the wrong business if I want to live in one of the homes on our south Louisiana list!

As for now, sit back, scroll, and virtually step inside the most expensive homes in Acadiana, from Morgan City to Opelousas and all points in between.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive single-family home sits in Lafayette.

Most Expensive Houses Listed in South Louisiana- March 2024

Gallery Credit: TRACY WIRTZ

Cheapest Louisiana Cities to Live In

Doxo, a bill payment service, compiled data to provide an overview of how much the average monthly bill payments are in 97% of U.S. zip codes, across 45 service categories. The list includes the 12 cities where the average cost of standard bills (mortgage/rent, auto loan, insurance, utilities, phone, internet) is the cheapest in Louisiana.

Gallery Credit: TRACY WIRTZ

The Most Expensive Waterfront Home in Grand Isle

Located at 38 Bird Reef Ct. in Grand Isle, this $1,650,000 home can be yours in one of the best spots facing the Gulf of Mexico. If you're looking into real estate along Louisiana's Gulf Coast, look no further than this fantastic property.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham