(Lafayette, Louisiana) - Commercials have been a part of broadcasting for nearly as long as broadcasting itself. Communication companies from radio to television and now the digital age serve an important role in sharing news, entertainment, and more. One of the ways they serve both businesses and consumers is through the use of advertisements. These ads can inform the audiences of products and services available in the area as well as provide revenue for the broadcast companies.

It's hard to believe that 1984 was 40 years ago. So much has changed over the years, from fashion, automotive design (and prices), technology and more. Thanks to technology, we have a time capsule of life in the previous millennium. 1984 was the year of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the World's Fair in New Orleans, and was also the birth year of the first Macintosh computer.

via Apple Insider
via Apple Insider

YouTube is always a gold mine of interesting videos, and it's easy to go down the wormhole and come out a few hours later without even realizing you spent that long digging through the archives.

Some businesses that ran television ads are still in business today, while others are lost to history. See how many you remember that are featured in this video from KADN 15 -

  • First National Bank
  • Budweiser
  • Acadian Toyota Volvo (drag/push/pull sale)
  • Abdalla's
  • Henley Trailers
  • Hub City Ford - (Brand new Ford Escort $5,833 and $1 down)
  • Brother's - (Gatlin Brothers endorsing Member's Only)
  • Ray Chevrolet Olds - (Those vans were AMAZING)
  • Firestone (3 locations - Northgate Mall, Oil Center, and next to Plaza on Johnston)
  • Sound Electronics
  • Bobby Bernard Olds
  • Flagg Development Company
  • Acadiana Casters and Wheels
  • Delta Furniture
  • Lafayette Motors (Peugeot)
  • Acadiana Bearings
  • Crown Jewelers
  • Top's Lafayette
  • Coca Cola
  • Delta Boutique (inside Delta Furniture)
  • A-Z Office Supplies
  • Discount Office Supplies
  • Acadiana Rubber & Gasket
  • General Foods International Coffee
  • Dependable Dodge Datsun
  • All-Pro Car Wash (All Pro Brushless... Car and Truck Wash!)

In addition, programming promos for a variety of shows including 'Fantasy Island', 'Fame', 'Thicke of the Night', 'Hee Haw', 'The Merv Griffin Show', are available for your enjoyment.

And now, take a trip back in time:

Ready for more nostalgia?

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