In the latest development in the Lafayette triple homicide case, local authorities have confirmed that Cammie Steede was not involved in the deaths of Brandon Touchet, Eric Green, and Elizabeth Raemes. Steede, previously described as a person of interest, was found in possession of the deceased’s dog, Savage, which has since been safely recovered.

The triple homicide case, which has held the interest of the local community, began with the mysterious disappearance of Brandon Touchet. His mother's plea for help on Facebook highlighted concerns that Steede and others were last seen with Touchet and his dog, prompting a widespread search. Tragically, the investigation took a turn when Touchet, Green, and Raemes were discovered shot to death in Raemes’ apartment during a welfare check conducted by Lafayette Police on Friday (Apr. 12).

While the prime suspect, Chad Credeur, was arrested on unrelated charges before being charged with three counts of first-degree murder, speculation surrounded Steede's potential involvement given her alleged connection to the suspect. However, after thorough questioning by the Lafayette Police, Sergeant Robin Green confirmed that Steede has been ruled out as a suspect in the homicides.

The return of Savage has brought some solace amid the grief. Chloé O’Neill, cousin of Brandon Touchet, played a significant role in coordinating efforts on social media to locate Touchet’s beloved dog and seek answers about the incident in general.

Upon the recovery of Savage, O'Neill expressed her relief and gratitude: "WE HAVE OUR GIRL! SAVAGE HAS BEEN FOUND. Thank you all SO much for your incredible efforts in finding this baby. I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for our community. We did it! Cammie was also found and will NOT be criminally charged. As of now, we know that she was not involved in the crime committed."

The Lafayette Police Department continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding this case, as family members and loved ones seek justice and healing.

Further updates will be provided as new information becomes available from authorities.

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