The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office has announced a second arrest in the investigation of the March 1 shooting on Bradford Drive, which resulted in the death of Carencro High School student, 18-year-old Jaylon Joiner. Todd Arceneaux Jr., 20, has been charged with Second Degree Murder in connection with the incident.

This latest development follows the earlier arrest of 19-year-old Malikai Doucet, also charged with Second Degree Murder in the case. The Sheriff's Office, through spokesperson Valerie Ponseti, has confirmed that the investigation into the shooting continues as police intend to track down all of those who are responsible for this tragic incident.


We will continue to follow the case, as many in the Lafayette-Carencro community are seeking justice for the loss of Jaylon Joiner. The Sheriff's Office says that the investigation is active and progressing.

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