There are lots of ways you can make pizza poorly. Too much grease, underdone crust, sub-par ingredients, etc., and a bad pizza is just one of the saddest things you can experience.

Of course, there are plenty of strong opinions about pizza across this great country of ours. And I'm not even talking about the pineapple thing that heathens believe in. We have a lot of great pizza places out there, but we also have some that are... disappointing.

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Pizza is a beloved dish that, while it has origins in Italy, has become a very American dish. There are a multitude of options, from large chains that dot the landscape across Louisiana and Texas to local eateries that specialize in flavors unique to their cities and states.

So, 24/7 Wall Street broke down the "5 Pizza Chains to Avoid" and, as it turns out, the top pizza chain to avoid has nearly seventy 70 locations across Louisiana and Texas - six in Louisiana and 63 in Texas, to be precise.

Go for the Games, Not for the Pizza


According to 24/7 Wall Street, Chuck E. Cheese's is the top pizza place to avoid. It's a great place to take the kids to have an awesome time, but the pizza is clearly not the main attraction.

Critics often argue that Chuck E. Cheese pizza has garnered a reputation for being subpar due to various reasons.

One common criticism centers around the quality of ingredients used. Many believe that the pizza lacks the freshness and high-quality toppings found in other pizzerias. Additionally, the preparation method, often involving pre-made and frozen components, is seen as compromising the overall taste and texture. Some customers also express dissatisfaction with the uniformity of the pizza, suggesting that it lacks the individuality and artisanal touch associated with better-quality pizza establishments.

The focus on creating an entertaining environment for children may divert attention from the culinary aspects, contributing to a perception that Chuck E. Cheese prioritizes entertainment over delivering a standout pizza dining experience.

Where Else Should You Avoid?

Look, if good, high-quality pizza is your goal, buy local. There are plenty of great local spots that aren't part of some megachain that will serve you quality food.

But these chains aren't in it for the best quality necessarily. They're in it to provide the best value to encourage you to spend more with them, and that doesn't mean the highest quality or freshest ingredients because that adds to the cost for both the business and the consumer.

Here's 24/7 Wall Street's full list.

  • Domino's
  • Papa Murphy's
  • Little Caesar's
  • Cici's
  • Chuck E. Cheese's

How did they come to their decision?

"To answer that question, 24/7 Wall St. consulted pizza reviews on five different food blogs and websites," the site explained. "Because pizza preferences are so subjective, we only included pizza chains that were ranked near the bottom on multiple sites."

However, while they note that ratings varied wildly on the best, there was "far greater consistency in the votes for the worst pizza chains," and "These five chains stood out in our survey due to their low rankings almost across the board."

Not to worry, however. You can always make your own, and if you need help, here's a list of America's favorite toppings.

America's Most Popular Pizza Toppings

According to, these are the most popular pizza toppings in America. Here's the methodology, "The average monthly Google trends data was gathered for 15 of the most popular pizza toppings in America on a state-by-state basis. This allowed us to reveal the most popular toppings in each state."

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews