29Kentwood, LA (KPEL News) - Shocking video of a brawl at a Louisiana Popeye's is the latest chapter in a long story involving altercations between employees and customers.  The town in eastern Louisiana is most famous for being the home of Britney Spears and, if the video continues to get views, the fight may add to Kentwood's notoriety.

It's not the first fight that's happened at the chicken chain, and it's not the first time an employee was involved in the throw down.

History of Fights at Popeye's

A brawl broke out between employees at a Milwaukee Popeyes in November of 2019. The video shows three women wailing on one another, as a male employee tries to break up the fight. Seven employees, including the manager on duty, were fired.


In 2022, an Atlanta news station reported the story of a woman said she was attacked at a Popeye's drive through. She said employees got her order wrong, so she asked staff to correct it. According to her, three employees then came out of the restaurant, approached her car, punched her, and pulled her hair. She sued the Atlanta Popeye's for physical and psychological damages.

Another video posted to X (formerly Twitter) in late 2022 showed a customer and an employee throwing things at one another, before the employee and colleagues went to the customer side of the counter and fought with the patron.

Around the time Popeye's new chicken sandwich was released in 2019, two California couples wailed on each other after waiting an hour in the drive through for the menu item. According to NBC Los Angeles, the fight started after a man, upset that his order was wrong, wouldn't move out of the line. The couple in the next car honked at him. Both couples got out, and that's when the fight started

Most Recent Fight in Louisiana

The most recent bruhaha took place at a Kentwood, Louisiana, Popeye's. The cell phone video has been shared on several X profiles and has been viewed (at last count) roughly a quarter of a million times.

It's unclear what caused the customer and the employee to resort to physical violence. If anyone finds out why, we'd love to hear that story.

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