Youngsville Councilwoman Kayla Menard Reaux has issued an official statement in response to a report from The Advocate regarding a crash incident from November 2022.

According to Advocate reporter Megan Wyatt, Reaux crashed into an SUV that was parked in Sugar Mill Pond back on November 12, 2022. The impact was reportedly so loud that it woke the owner of the vehicle, Sherri Guidry, who was in Youngsville to visit a friend who had just moved into the Youngsville neighborhood.

The Advocate article detailed Reaux's dismissive exchange with Youngsville police officers and noted that she was able to leave the scene with no citation or sobriety test; despite police chief Rickey Boudreaux personally arriving on the scene.

In the wake of public backlash, Councilwoman Reaux issued a statement in response to the incident via her official Facebook page.

Reaux apologized for her uncharacteristic behavior which she says was a result of the concussion she sustained during the crash. Reaux admitted that the crash was a result of distracted driving and says she accepts full responsibility for her actions.

As an elected official, I would never ask for special treatment because I am not above the law. I understand the importance of accountability and transparency in all aspects of public service. I will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities and accept any consequences that may arise from my actions.

In her full statement (below), Reaux stated that she hopes to make amends with the police department and remained committed to serving the people of Youngsville.

On Monday (Mar. 27), The Advocate released two body cam videos from the Youngsville police officers who responded to the crash.

See the full story via The Advocate here.

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