Youngsville, LA (KPEL News) - Lafayette Parish residents have ribbed the city of Youngsville for its affinity for roundabouts. The reputation has earned it the unofficial title of "Roundabout Capital of Louisiana."

News stories and announcements abound, so it's difficult to get an accurate number of traffic circles in Youngsville. To be sure, Mayor Ken Ritter can likely name each intersection that has a roundabout. As of 2022, the city had seven already built with two new ones under consideration.

Thanks to a pending grant and a partnership with the city of Broussard, we can add one more to the list.

The project won't represent the first time the two cities have worked together on a roads project. They have been collaborating on the Youngsville/Broussard connector, a project that also includes a roundabout at the Youngsville Hwy and Fortune Road and another at the intersection of Fairfield Road and S. Bernard Road in Broussard.

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According to Mayor Ritter, a few years ago both cities requested that some traffic mechanism be put in place at the intersection of Larriviere Road and Hwy 92. Part of the intersection falls within Youngsville's jurisdiction. The other part is controlled by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Mayor Ritter explained:

If DOTD touches an intersection, they run it.

When the request was made, DOTD installed a red flashing light. Mayor Ritter and Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque knew they needed a more effective solution at the intersection that represents one of their borders.

larriviere rd hwy 92
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With DOTD's blessing, the municipalities worked together to apply for a federal grant to pay for a new roundabout at the intersection of Larriviere and Hwy 92. The grant does involve a match, but the match would be split by Youngsville and Broussard.

Mayor Ritter says they will know later this year whether they are awarded the grant to begin the construction process.

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