The Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban are off to a rocky start this football season. The Tide have started off 1-1 after a loss to Texas this past weekend. And they are getting ready to face South Florida which should be an easy win. In preparation for the game the team served alligator in the team cafeteria; however, the only problem is that South Florida's mascot is the Bulls.

Talk about an epic failure by Saban and the Crimson Tide. How did no one realize that, hey we aren't playing the Florida Gators, we're playing the South Florida Bulls. The Tide tried their best to impersonate LSU and Louisianians. Every time LSU plays Florida in any sport the Tigers and Tigers' fans grill up or fry up some good ole gator.

Not only has the Tide started off the season rocky, they now look like idiots. How do you not realize that the team you're playing isn't the Gators? Talk about an embarrassing moment for the Tide and Nick Saban. Maybe next time leave the gator cooking to LSU and our fellow Louisianians.

Nick Saban has been a guest on the Pat McAfee show since McAfee switched to ESPN. Well, McAfee asked Saban about the gator incident and Saban was left speechless so much so that Saban couldn't even get a word out. He knew the Tide messed up so he was just like, let me get out of here.

Alabama will try to bounce back from the loss to Texas and to the embarrassing mistake with the gator against the South Florida Bulls. The game will kick off Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

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