Texas will need to properly prepare itself once again. News Nation released a statement saying that this summer there could be another surge of COVID-19. Two new COVID-19 variants made their way here in Texas and the United States, which could potentially lead to a summer surge.

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Scientifically the two COVID variants are known as KP two and KP one has been given the nickname “FLiRT” due to its mutation of the strand. There has been evidence that the shown that the variance could be more contagious and it could be more affecting those who have immunity from vaccines or prior infections. Individuals who have taken each vaccine shot could have less of a chance of being at risk. There have been suggestions that the variance has already increased hospitalizations, but it has not increased the death rate, also we have to keep in mind that both variants are very new viruses so there could be a change in the statistics over time.


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The symptoms of the new variants are very similar to the previous strands of COVID-19 so if you have a runny nose, headache, fever, chills, breathing, muscle aches, a cough, fatigue, or even a sore throat. If you have this symptom it is a possibility that you could be infected with the "FLiRT" variant virus. The only way that you could prevent this from happening is to continue with what we have been doing here in Texas, making sure that we are practicing social distancing, washing our hands, and masking this can also prevent any type of respiratory virus. If you find yourself with the symptoms, you should at least isolate yourself until you’ve taken the COVID test and allowed yourself to become fever-free for 24 hours before actually being around others. It’s a good possibility that something is brewing this summer here in Texas so we’re asking you to stay alert and remain safe.


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