Move over Stanley cups, this is what the people of Texas really want!

2024 is off to a weird and chaotic start, and it's all caused by cups! If you'll remember, at the beginning of the year, thousands lined up outside of Targets across the country, in the cold in hopes of getting their hands on a limited edition Stanley cup.

It was definitely a sight to be seen and, not surprisingly, led to some arrests.

If you're like me, you don't fully understand the craze. However, if you're in Texas- then this might make a little more sense to you!

Texas' favorite travel center, Buc-ee's, recently released a Valentine's collection that included a pink and white tumbler- reminiscent to the Stanley cup- that sold out almost immediately!

The Buc-ee's cup looks a little cooler, though. It's a 40-ounce Yukon Outfitters tumbler, complete with a pink straw. On it, it said "Buc-ee's will never break my heart". It also seemed like it wouldn't break the bank as it was sold for only $24.98.

However, it seems like Buc-ee's did end up breaking some hearts because this tumbler sold out almost immediately. And now, shoppers have spotted it on online resellers websites for almost twice the price!

According to, Texas Snax, the largest online reseller of Buc-ee’s merchandise, was selling the tumblers for $44.99. Unfortunately, at last check, they were sold out there as well!

I'm sure another version will eventually pop up somewhere, however if you were looking to add this to your beaver collection it looks like you'll have to wait awhile because Buc-ee's hasn't confirmed if they will restock!

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