A suspect who thought he could get away with a little petty theft got an elementary beat down.

When former Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber saw a suspicious car parked outside of his home he knew something just didn't feel right about the situation. Upon further investigation, he realized someone was breaking into to his car.

As I was coming out, the door swung open and when it swung open, I jumped kicked the door and knocked the guy down

Yarber was able to confront and subdue the suspect—and to add insult to injury he was able to take him inside for some extra discipline. The former mayor paddled the young man and it was all caught on camera.

When you break in people's stuff it is because somebody ain't whooped your tail

Police identified the suspect as 22-year-old Juwuan M. Bibbs, who pleaded for his life while being held by Yarber.

The former mayor also revealed that Bibbs warned that killing him would be just "another black brother being killed by another black brother." It was that statement that let Yarber know that Bibbs was intelligent enough to be a better man than what he displayed that night.

I know if he was going to go to jail and be out the next day, I wanted to be sure that memory and my sense of justice was taken care of

Police revealed that Bibbs actually had a gun and Yarber is lucky the situation didn't go an "entirely different way."

As of now Bibbs has had his initial court appearance and is still being held in the Hinds County Adult Detention Center on a $20,000 bond.

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