If you plan on fleeing from the police you might want to think about topping off the gas tank first.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff's officials say 28-year-old Maurice Rhine took off when one of their officers and Baldwin police were trying to stop him in reference to a hit and run.

He started speeding down Highway 182 from Baldwin to Franklin.

At Willow Street in Franklin, Rhine's car ran out of gas!

Turns out, Rhine's car wasn't really Rhine's car; it had been stolen from Baton Rouge.

This man is also wanted on a warrant out of Fort Bend County, Texas for theft and unauthorized use of a car.

This whole chase started when Baldwin police were trying to pull this man over, and St. Mary got into the chase tool

Rhine was arrested on the following charges:

  • Aggravated flight from an officer
  • Hit and run driving
  • Illegal possession of stolen things
  • Operating a vehicle with a suspended driver's license

Rhine is now in the St. Mary Parish Correctional Center