As the 'jeep jaunt' gets ready to celebrate its 12th year of raising money for the American Lung Association, organizer Jaycee Falcon stopped by The Moon Griffon Show to discuss the 'jeep jaunt' JAM!!

The ‘jeep jaunt’ JAM!! is coming up Saturday, August 26 at Sterling Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram in Opelousas. It's your first opportunity to register for the Annual ‘jeep jaunt’, which will be held on October 22.

The 'jeep jaunt' JAM!! always features great entertainment! This year, Todd’s DJ Entertainment Services will be featured from 9-11 AM. Then, starting at 11 AM, performing together for the first time ever: Lane MackJaryd Lane, and Gabe Broussard!

LISTEN BELOW as Jaycee sits down with Moon to fill you in on what will be a great time for an even better cause!

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