I am surprised this doesn't happen more often in these days of laser color printers that can duplicate images flawlessly. I am speaking of counterfeiting U.S. currency. I guess the reason it doesn't happen as often as it does is that there are so many security measures in place when it comes to monetary instruments of the United States government.

I guess Tyler Blake Thibodeaux of Lake Arthur didn't do his research before he decided to use, or I should say, attempt to use counterfeit bills at Peto's Truck Stop. Workers at the truckstop in Roanoke noted that they had received three counterfeit bills from a suspect matching Thibodeaux's description on Wednesday, October 10th.

Yesterday Jeff Davis Sheriff's deputies located Thibodeaux and arrested him. He was charged with theft less than $1000 and monetary instrument abuse. Thibodeaux was arrested on a couple of outstanding warrants and a non-support charge. He is currently being held in the Jeff Davis Parish jail. No bond has been set for Thibodeaux.

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