It looks like you and I are going to foot most of the bill for former Secretary of State Tom Schedler's inappropriate behavior with a woman who worked in his department. The Louisiana Department of Administration released information about the settlement that was reached between Schedler and his accuser.

For his part in the settlement, Schedler will pay $18,425 out of his pocket. You and I will pay $149,075 out of our pockets and we didn't do anything wrong. Schedler on the other hand allegedly sent suggestive cards, texts, and other material to a former female employee.

Schedler maintained that their relationship was consensual. Judging by the amount of the settlement and the fact that charges were filed it apparently wasn't. Oh, and we will likely be on the hook for even more money since the attorney that was hired to represent the former Secretary of State was billed separately. That attorney had her hand in our pocket to the tune of $175 an hour.

Personally, I am feeling a lot violated right now. I know I didn't consent to this financial roll in the hay and Tom didn't even bother to send me a suggestive card.

However, if Mr. Schedler were to call me I would have no trouble talking really dirty in his general direction but it wouldn't be the stimulating kind of talk that our former Secretary of State apparently enjoys.



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