Did you hold on to your Jimmy Graham jersey?

Rumors of the Saints former starting tight end returning to the Big Easy have been circulating, but then again, it's the end of October and the trade deadline is nearing, so what's new?

Well, I guess if I had to honestly answer that question, I would say the Saints are clicking and on the surface, it seems like adding Jimmy Graham would only help our chances to keep that momentum going.

It should also be noted that the source of this "rumor" has little to NO credibility in the world of journalism.

Let's be honest, Jimmy hasn't been half the player he was in New Orleans as a Seahawk and Fleener has been stealing money from the Saints since he put on a black and gold uniform.

One important thing to remember is that there was definitely some beef when the Saints parted ways with Graham and it all boiled down to New Orleans not agreeing with Graham on his value. For those who may have forgotten, Jimmy wanted wide receiver money at a tight end position based on his stats and the Saints simply weren't willing to pay him that type of cash.

Everyone (including Jimmy) soon learned that Drew Brees played even more of an integral role in making Graham into the star he had become once he left New Orleans. But what if we could get that dynamic back?

Again, on the surface level, it sounds amazing but do we really want to mess with the chemistry we have rolling now? This article goes a little more in depth as to why it wouldn't be the best move.

I'm curious to hear what you think about seeing Jimmy Graham back in New Orleans? Sound off in the comments below.

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