Typically, we're not the biggest fans of mash-ups here at Ultimate Classic Rock. After all, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of an audio-editing tool can fuse together songs by Queen and Fergie and ruin both of them in the process. But the latest one making the rounds isn't that bad.

Titled 'Don't Stop the Wrecking Ball,' the mash-up -- which you can hear and watch above -- pulls together Miley Cyrus' new hit 'Wrecking Ball' with Journey's 1981 timeless classic 'Don't Stop Believin'' for a mid-tempo pop song that isn't exactly two times greater than the original tracks, but it's way better than, say, that time someone combined Britney Spears and Metallica.

It also helps that both songs play along the same basic rhythm, even if Steve Perry's vocal seems shoehorned into 'Wrecking Ball''s backing track at times. Still, things get pretty epic on the chorus, where 'Don't Stop Believin'' (almost) seamlessly flows into Cyrus' equally monumental hook.

Too bad it all sorta falls apart near the end, when both songs fight for space they happily shared for more than three minutes. And let's all be thankful that, as far as we know, there aren't any photos of a naked Perry straddling a wrecking ball anywhere. That would have made for one very awkward video.

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