Big Freedia may have made the catchiest legal ad in recent memory.

Being top of mind is key when it comes to advertising and New Orleans based personal injury attorney Juan Lafonta may be the most relevant lawyer in the city after turning to bounce queen Big Freedia for his latest TV commercial.

What better way to speak to the New Orleans area than with a music style that not only originated, but thrives in the 504. The energetic jingle is belted out classic bounce fashion as Big Freedia's infectious vocals repeat "Juan Lafonta" over and over again.

Some have speculated that Freedia may have done the video in exchange for services related to her legal issues earlier this year, but regardless of their deal Juan Lafonta and Associates are currently the most talked about lawyers in New Orleans.

Juan Lafonta. Juan Lafonta. Juan Lafonta. Juan Lafonta. Juan Lafonta.

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