With their forthcoming album, 'Redeemer Of Souls,' due out July 8, Judas Priest have been tossing out teasers of new material. The latest is a sampling of the track 'Battle Cry' via a video clip (embedded above) that features Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner giving his two cents on the song.

"'Battle Cry' is a classic Priest song," says Faulkner, "You know, you're summoning your armies to go into battle. That's what this band has been about for me. You can just imagine the armies over the hill...and it has to be Rob to give that battle cry. It doesn't let up! Right until the end, he's howlin' like a banshee."

Judging from the short, but sweet, tidbit, he's right. It certainly sounds like classic Priest all the way from the riffage to Rob Halford's commanding vocals. 'Redeemer Of Souls' is the band's first album of new material since the sprawling concept album 'Nostradamus’ back in 2008. It's also the first Priest offering to feature Faulkner in place of longtime guitarist K. K Downing.

The band have been dishing out these samples as a lead in to the album's release. This marks the fourth taster, following 'Walls of Valhalla,' 'March of the Damned,' and the title cut.

Judas Priest Talk About 'Redeemer of Souls'


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