The Vermilion Parish School Board is once again in the news. Why yes, it does involve a judge and embattled Vermilion Parish Superintendent Jerome Puyau. I know that doesn't come as much of a surprise since "the Board" and the Superintendent haven't seen eye to eye on a number of issues in recent months.

Yesterday State District Judge Christian Earles granted a preliminary injunction that forbids the board from hiring a Baton Rouge Attorney, Bob Hammonds. The injunction actually restricts the board from using the services of Hammonds in any capacity.

The order from Judge Earles also prohibits the board from taking any actions against Puyau without prior approval of the court. This includes but is not limited to placing the Superintendent on leave or conducting an investigation of him.

Several members of the Vermilion Parish School Board have been in conflict with Superintendent Puyau for several years now. Those board members have filed suit against Puyau and even refused to attend meetings where Puyau was present.

The board even placed Puyau on leave while his actions were investigated. The results of that investigation turned up no foundation for complaints against Puyau and he was cleared of the allegations.

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