I love college football. I love the smack talk that goes on between fan bases when it stays within the confines of a sibling rivalry. I don't care for hate speech but I do like a good dressing down when it comes to messing with the minds of the fans of another team.

Last Saturday when the Auburn Tigers rolled into Death Valley in Baton Rouge they had trash talking and gamesmanship on their minds. Well, at least the Auburn Mascot did. How do we know? This picture from Twitter of the Auburn mascot dressed up as the Troy Trojan.

I have to say kudos to the Auburn pep squad for rubbing salt in the wounds of the LSU faithful by reminding them that Troy from the Sunbelt Conference came into Death Valley and the beat the Tigers on homecoming no less.

Pretty sure those Auburn kids were feeling rather smug when their team was up by 20 points this past Saturday. Then karma dropped by Tiger Stadium for a little visit.

If you didn't hear LSU not only made up the 20 point deficit, they scored even more and upset the Trojans...er Tigers from Auburn by a final score of 27 to 23. This past Saturday karma came to the game in purple and gold.

Let's hope none of the LSU faithful invite karma to make the drive to Oxford Mississippi this weekend when the Tigers will most certainly be a heavy favorite over Ole Miss. First, LSU doesn't need the bad vibes and second, it's just mean to make anyone go to Oxford Mississippi for any reason at all.

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