Consider any diet-related New Year's resolutions ruined.

The gang over at The Crawfish Boss is sweetening up your Mardi Gras with a treat that will definitely get you in the carnival spirit. The King Cake Sno-ball is a delicious treat and if you think it looks a little familiar, you're probably right.

We've got plenty options when it comes to traditional King Cake—as well King Cake ice cream, King Cake coffee and just about anything else you can flavor in the spirit of this Mardi Gras delicacy, but this is the first time I've seen a King Cake Sno-ball of this caliber.

The Crawfish Boss is the same place that made waves in Acadiana with their loaded strawberry cheesecake sno-ball and this King Cake Sno-ball looks like an amazing twist that will have you ready for Fat Tuesday.

Have you tried one yet? If so, let us know how it is!

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